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Blair De Pape at work

Blair De Pape is a professional Artist and award-winning Musician.

As reflected in his work, Blair is proud of his roots and life journey.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada of Polish and Belgian stock, Blair began to draw as soon as he could hold a pencil.

Around the ages of 10 -14 yrs, Blair found a kindred spirit in fellow "Rouger" Derek Brueckner. Exploring cottage country together turned into afternoons drawing their own comic adventures. These served as learning years for Blair and influence his style still to this day.

Growing up near the Red River, spending Summers on the Family Farm and over 40 years of camping with life-long friends have all contributed to his love of Nature and the great Outdoors.

While hobbies of reading & researching history and fantasy have made for wonderful inspiration.

Blair is a Juno Award winner and the recipient of a Canadian Gold Record.

As a bass player, Blair toured extensively throughout North America and Europe with numerous musical acts. He has contributed on over 30 studio recordings and appeared in the feature film Breakthrough as well as several music videos.

Touring as a musician was always eventful and taking his sketch book along to capture the moments has resulted in treasured illustrative memories. Some of which he promises to share in the future!

Once children came along, Blair decided to take a break from being a touring musician so he could be home for his kids. He is the proud father of three beautiful and talented children.
Along with life partner Lori, the kids and their reasonably well behaved dog 'Koko Friday' and feline brothers 'Phlox' and 'Aster', they've created a home that is always fun and creative!

In addition to being "Daddy", working in the engineering field, gigging and drawing, Blair has also found time to be an accomplished writer having completed two screenplays - "The Bastard" and "The Last Road Story". He is currently working on his third.​

 "Stay tuned, you never know what's next!"

Blair De Pape Art


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